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Last updated Nov 10th, 2018

User rights
The use of this website is free. It is not necessary to register, pay or do anything that requires providing personal information to use the website. However if the user voluntary chooses to register, pay for additional services or do anything that requires providing personal information, agrees to this informative about privacy and cookie; to saving data on servers located in the Unites States of America; to the collection, processing, transfer and saving of personal information by Riplove, in order to complete the requested actions.

If the user doesn’t provide the personal information requested for the registration, it will be impossible for us to fulfill the request.
Whenever modifying the informative on privacy and cookie will be necessary, such changes will be published on this page in order to allow the users to be always informed on the type of information collected and their use. The user can log in to modify the personal data or to delete the account. By deleting the account the personal data will be deleted as well.

Please confirm that when you agree with this privacy statement, your age is at least 16 years old or you have a guardian’s authorization. If you are a minor in the country in which you are accessing our website, you may submit your personal data on this website only with the involvement of your parent(s) or guardian. If you are a parent(s) or guardian and you provide consent for a minor to submit personal data on this website, you agree to this Policy in respect to the minor’s use.

The email address given by the user during the creation of an account on this website will be used to send communications related to the account itself. For instance, in the case the user forget its username or password and asked for help to access the website, that help will be provided by way in a message sent to the email address indicated in the user profile. The user can include later, if desired name. These information will be collected, saved and used only to complete the account.

Informative on privacy e cookie
Riplove respects people’s right to privacy !

The personal information given by the user in this website will be used exclusively for the stated purpose declared at the moment of their insertion. Users’ personal data are not disclosed to third parties, unless it is considered necessary for the provision of a service requested by the user, and in any case not before the user had been fully informed or unless there is reason to believe in good conscience that disclose those data is reasonably needed to comply with any eventual legislative provisions and relevant regulations, or following a request from law enforcement agencies, or to identify or prevent fraudulent activities , technical or security problems. By using this website the user agrees to the transmission of personal data to third parties only for these purposes. Under no circumstances the given personal data will be sold, exchanged or hired out.

Personal data’s safety is taken seriously. To protect the user’s personal information during transmission encryption technologies are used, like the (Secure Sockets Layer) (SSL) protocol. The information systems used with limited access are located in structures that adopt measures of physical, electronic and procedural protection, in order to protect the confidentiality and the security of the given information.

Cookie and similar technologies
Certain information are automatically collected when the user visits the website. These information are saved through the use of “cookie”, “web beacon” and similar technologies. In the present privacy policy the use of the term “cookie” is wide and it includes similar technologies such as the “local storage” one.

Cookie. Like in the majority of websites, when the user visits this website, short text excerpts known as “cookie” could be stored on the phone, tablet or computer’s hard disk. Different types of cookie exist that carry out different functions and generally improve the user’s experience on the website. Cookie could be used to know if the user has already visited the website or to memorize the user’s preferences made by using the website. For instance, the preferred language can be memorized in a cookie in order to be already selected every time the user will return on the website. Cookie are not used for advertising.

The types of cookie used by this website can classify in one of these three following categories:

1. Strictly necessary cookie: Fundamental to allow the user to use specific features of the website, such as authenticating or submitting forms on the website. Without these cookie, the requested services, like make a donation, wouldn’t be available. They also include cookie that allow the provision of services expressly requested from the user during the browsing session. These cookie don’t collect personal information that could be used for marketing purposes or to memorize the websites visited by the user. 2. Functionality cookie: Used to memorize the choices made by the user (such as the username, language or provenance zone) and provide advanced functions to improve the user’s browsing experience. 3. Analytics cookie: Used to collect the information about the conditions of use of the website by the user, for instance how frequently or for how long the user visits the website. These information are used exclusively to improve the functioning of this website.

Some cookie are first-party cookie and are set up from this website. Others are third parties cookie set up from different domains. The website uses only first-party cookie except for third parties cookie related to the Google reCAPTCHA function. Google reCAPTCHA is utilized to distinguish human users from computers in order to prevent automatic spam. To inspect Google privacy policy visit

Web Beacon. The web pages of this website can contain minor electronic files called “web beacon” that enable to memorize the user’s activities, for example how many times a specific web page is visited. Web beacon are used to track the usage of this website ad improve its performance.

User choice. The majority of browsers allow the user to disenable cookie or receive a notification before a cookie is saved on the device. To learn how to do that consult browser instructions. However , without cookie it will be impossible to take full advantage from all the function of the website.

Active Script or JavaScript
This website uses scripting, a technology that enables to speed up the information restitution to the user. The website never utilizes script to install software on the user’s computer or collect information without its authorization.

To guarantee the proper functioning of certain sections of the website it necessary to enable Active Script or JavaScript on browser. The majority of browser permit to enable or disenable this functionality for specific websites. For information on how to activate script on specific websites refer to the browser information.

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